The Benefits of Using PlanWell PDS

Your days of hunting through a room full of documents for the right drawing are over. You’ll never stay up half the night pulling apart and bundling sets for your bid distributions again. With PlanWell PDS, you might even go home early.

Online planrooms are one of the most dramatic improvements in productivity to hit construction documentation in the last 10 years. And PlanWell PDS makes your transition to the online world easier than ever.

Your entire document collection will be digitally stored and available online for secure viewing, organizing and ordering. Simply point and click to select your most current set, create custom bundles or cherry pick individual sheets. Updates and addenda are posted in real time to ensure that contactors never work with obsolete plans.

Save Money

  • Reduce printing costs by ordering only the sheets
    you need.
  • Reduce labor and communication costs with more
    accurate distributions.
  • Shift printing costs to plan recipients by allowing them
    to order their own plans online.

Save Time

  • Access documents at any time, from any computer
    with an Internet connection.
  • Speed delivery times with easy online ordering.
  • Simplify large distributions with integrated content lists.

Improve Productivity

  • Print-ready digital documents are in one place, organized
    and tracked by Downtown Digital.
  • Eliminate the chance of obsolete plans being used by
    consistent maintenance of the most current set.
  • Create custom bundles with point-and-click simplicity.